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I customize the work that we do to match what you need. Services include:
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Research & Planning – we will find the prospects, decide if they are right for you, and build a workplan to walk you step by step through the process of building relationships and accessing new opportunities.

Writing & Submissions – we will meet with your team, gather the right content, access the funders’ portal, draft and edit all proposal documents, and submit LOIs, applications, and reports on time. 

Strategic Coaching – we will help you determine a realistic revenue target, determine the best way to position your organization in applications, troubleshoot low grant success rates, help you expand in new directions, build tools for measuring grantwriting effectiveness, and ultimately: find ways to increase grant revenue over time. 
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Writing – we will write compelling and effective donor-facing content for a range of settings including: holiday appeals, sponsorship appeals, annual appeals, online giving events, special one-time solicitations, newsletters, annual reports, and more. 

Distribution – we will work with you to build a plan to get your appeal or report out there through email, website, social media, print mail, and more; and then we will help you walk through the process of distributing the appeal through each of these avenues.

Calendaring & Management – we will partner with you to build a cohesive strategy for your donor-facing appeals and reports throughout the year, calendar out activities, and then lead the writing and distribution for each item throughout the year. 
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Evaluation for Fundraisers – I will apply my experience gathering and reporting on organizational and programmatic impact data to guide you through creating a more cohesive impact measurement plan from the lens of effective fundraising. I will help you learn how to set and communicate goals to funders while keeping in line with your program and communities’ priorities. 

Financial Strategy – I have capacity and experience in helping organizations untangle the intersections of fundraising and finance recordkeeping. I can help smooth out revenue reconciliation processes, build better ways to record and track restricted grants, and increase your capacity to secure and manage public dollars. 

BSK Technical Assistance - We are approved technical assistance providers with King County's Best Starts for Kids program. Reach out for free support with BSK applications!
Ready to get started? 

What else do you need to know

Please note that as a fundraising consultant, I do not:

  • Introduce you to funders or donors - but I will provide contact information or tips on how to reach them.

  • Reach out to funders or donors on your behalf - but I will coach you on how to make a connection.

  • Guarantee grants will be awarded or appeals will hit a target - but I will support you in building the most compelling proposals and appeals we can.

  • Accept compensation as a percentage of funds raised, in accordance with fundraising best practices. Read more here:

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