You read that right. I believe that grantwriting and fundraising do not have to be stressful and high-pressure. I work with my clients to create systems that calm the chaos of grant deadlines, word counts, appeals, and prospect lists to arrive at a simple and strategic approach to meeting your revenue targets.


I make sure I know your revenue target and that we track towards it. If you do not have one, I will help you determine one. I will manage your projects at an efficient pace and will adapt to your work style as I do so. I will build dashboards with you and help communicate successes of fundraising and grantwriting beyond just dollars in the door.


You are the experts in the work you do. I intentionally stay behind the scenes, elevating your voice in grant proposals, ensuring you are equipped to reach out to funders, and working hard to accurately authentically convey the perspectives of your community.


I evaluate all fundraising opportunities and grant prospects through the lens of serving your mission. I work to ensure that any proposal we submit will further your work and serve your community. If an opportunity becomes a distraction, I’m not afraid to reprioritize or change course.

Built on Relationships

All fundraising – even grantwriting—is built around relationships. I approach fundraising as a writer and project manager who complements effective relationship building. While I won’t build relationships with funders and donors for you, I will coach you on how to do it, and I will ensure that you have sufficient capacity (i.e. systems and skills) to manage those relationships over the long term.

Committed to Capacity-Building

I know you will not work with me forever. Everything I do is designed to ensure that I am adding value so that when you move on you have the tools, systems, and skills to proceed successfully without me.

"Brittany, you are clearly a pro and it was so wonderful to know I have some senior level work/help on the scene."

"This grant looks great. You are a SUPERSTAR! It would have taken me days to accomplish what you did in hours. I am so grateful to you."

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