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Grant Services

Three-Month Grant Start-Up Kit $3K to $8K

In this high-demand service, we will conduct grant prospect research, build a workplan, and write/edit/submit the first several grant proposals or LOIs (letters of intent to apply). We will help you figure out where to start, building attachments and language from scratch or strengthening things that already exist. I will help demystify the grant process. This service is right for nonprofit organizations that would like to increase their grantwriting capacity for the first time or after a period of inactivity. It also works for organizations that want to test out the process of working with an independent grantwriter without committing to a longer period of time.
Ongoing Grant Writing & Project Management $900 to $4K per month

On a monthly basis, we will manage your grants workplan (and build it if it doesn’t already exist), including all compiling content, writing, editing, and submitting proposals, reports, and LOIs. We will also equip the leaders of the organization with information they need to reach out and have conversations with funders--including those that are lapsed, new, and current—so as to build relationships and unlock new opportunities to apply for funds.

Grant Assessment $1K to $6K

We will work with you and your team to examine existing systems, processes, people, skills, and targets to provide a concise set of recommendations on how to increase the success of your grantwriting activities.  Where possible, we will provide tools, samples, or resources, as well as coaching to answer your pressing questions. 

Federal Grants Readiness $1K to $2.5K

Are you wondering whether you are able or ready to apply for federal funding? Or wondering if it is worth your investment of time, money, and energy? We will examine your readiness and write up a report summarizing what you would need to do to be ready to apply or manage federal funds. We have experience successfully securing and managing awards from 8-10 different federal agencies, and will apply our knowledge to your unique circumstances. 

Federal Grant Writing $5K+ (varies widely depending on funder)

We will lead the process of facilitating conversations to build a cohesive federal grant project plan, and then compiling content, writing, editing, building attachments, and submitting proposals. Our work will include navigating your organization’s accounts in all necessary government grant portals.

Campaign Grants Planning $2.5K to $6K

For organizations thinking about entering a capital or comprehensive fundraising campaign, we can partner with your capital campaign consultants (or refer you to great ones!) to assess and plan for the potential role of public and private grant funding in your capital campaign. 

Campaign Grant Writing & Project Management $900 to $4K per month

Once you have entered a capital or comprehensive campaign, we can manage your campaign grantseeking activities – alongside grantwriting for operating or program support if needed—in alignment with overall campaign activities and timelines. 

One-Time Grant Proposals $500 to $7.5K

Depending on my availability, we may be able to help with one-off grant proposals to specific funders. We have experience in family foundations, private foundations, corporate charitable giving arms and foundations, city, state, county, and federal funds. The price of this service varies tremendously based on the specific funding opportunity and your overall grant readiness. 

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